September 2, 2021 | Journal

August 2021 // This summer we sailed to Iceland as a fallback solution, since Svalbard and Greenland were almost closed to tourism do to the pandemic.

This country surprised us with its beauty, wilderness and magnificent anchorages in the Westfjords.

The West Coast of Iceland, especially from Reykjavik to Isafjördur, is ideal for cruising in spectacular fjords and bays where we could enjoy the wildlife, the endless hiking possibilities and the visit to some of the innumerable small fishing harbors. The northwestern coast looks like a hand stretching towards Greenland and consists of many long, steep fjords. The northernmost of these fjords, now largely uninhabited, are a paradise of flowers and birds in summer and provide fascinating cruising.

We had the chance to spot orcas, whales, dolphins and seals, thousands of birds, as well as the cute and curious Arctic Fox.



This is the nearest major fjord to Reykjavik. It offers various sheltered anchorages. The landscape of Hvalfjörður is varied and beautiful, with wide areas of flat land along majestic mountains, green vegetation in summer and beaches cut with creeks.

Hotpot in Hvalfjordour

Hotpot in Hvalfjordour


A fishing port in attractive surroundings with view on the distinctive hill of Kirkjufell, one of Iceland’s most photographed landscapes. Whales and orcas have been seen from the harbour at Grundarfjörður numerous times. We enjoyed nice walks to the Kirkjufellfoss as well as to the wild Grundarfjoss.

Grundarfoss waterfall and the Kirkjufell Mountain

Sunset arriving in Grundarfjordour

Grundarfoss waterfall

Relaxed sheep in Grundarfjordour


The atmosphere of this beautiful town Stykkishólmur is set by old houses that make you feel like a time traveler. The church in Stykkisholmur is a fascinating architectural structure. It makes a beautiful landmark both from land and sea. The view from the church over Breidarfjordur is spectacular. And the Fish & Chips at the harbour is delicious!

Stykkisholmur and its modern church

Stykkisholmur Harbour


Bordered on three sides by dramatic mountains that form a natural harbor, the idyllic town of Ísafjörður—population 2,600—serves as a charming exploration hub for the surrounding Westfjords peninsula.

Anchorage in front of the spectacular Dynjandi waterfall

Isafjordour town and sorrounding


Above 66º  north, close to the Arctic Circle, the Jökulfirðir (glacier fjord) form a system of five fjords situated north of  Ísafjörður and south of the Hornstrandir peninsula. They are named for Drangajökull, a glacier situated to the southeast of the fjords. We had some awesome hikes in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

Hiking in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hiking in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve