LYNGEN ALPS - First Timers

8 DAYS-6 SKI DAYS | PRICE: 4’600 €

Do you already enjoy the feeling of powder skiing and are eager to venture into the world of ski touring, but unsure where to begin? Our First Timers' Ski & Sail program in the Lyngen Alps is designed just for this purpose: Developed jointly with our team of IFMGA guides, who have an extensive knowledge of the Lyngen Alps, you will receive the best possible introduction to ski touring in breathtaking surroundings, hassle and stress free, with the confidence that you are being conscientiously coached within a homogeneous group. By the end of the week, you will have developed the skills and confidence needed to enjoy ski touring at the next level.

April 23, 2025 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Embark & Disembark:

Tromsø, Norway


6 + 1 Guide

The Lyngen peninsula is located above the Arctic Circle, latitude 69N and 70N. It has stupendous scenery, with glaciers between vertical snow-covered peaks reaching 1’800m. The Lyngen peninsula and the numerous islands around it, combined with the flexibility of being based on a sailboat, offer an endless choice of unmarked powder skiing domains overlooking the deep blue fjords.

We have chosen these grounds to design a program dedicated to first timers in ski-touring. Based on their our exhaustive knowledge of the Lyngen Alps this unique program has been developed jointly with our team of IFMGA guides in all its facets, to make the most of your first ski-touring experience, hassle and stress free:

Gear Rental

The necessary gear for ski touring (other than clothing) will be provided by a specialist rental outfit in Tromso, nearby the harbour. Our guide will assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment. With pragmatic advice on gear selection, you'll be freed from the initial difficulty of choosing the right gear, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure.

Education on Ski Touring Gear

Understanding your gear is crucial for a smooth and safe ski touring experience. Throughout the week, you'll receive comprehensive education on the use of ski touring equipment and safety devices. From choosing the right skis / length / width and bindings to mastering the use of skins and avalanche safety gear, our guides will ensure you are well-prepared for your future tours. You will have the opportunity to discuss extensively which specs may be more adapted to given conditions and / or to your objectives and abilities, allowing you to make informed decisions for your next rental or purchase.

Guidance from an IFMGA Certified Guide

Safety and expertise are our top priorities. Your ski touring journey will be led by a dedicated IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) certified guide. With their extensive knowledge and experience, you'll receive personalized instruction and support, ensuring a safe and rewarding adventure. Beyond their technical qualities, our mountain guides are trained to train, ensuring good communication and a relaxed experience.

Selected Ski Areas

Carefully chosen ski areas perfect for first-time ski tourers: We select locations that offer gentle slopes and manageable terrains. We focus on providing a safe and enjoyable environment to progressively develop your skills while experiencing the pristine beauty of the Lyngen Alps.

Gradual Progress in Vertical Ascent and Technical Difficulty

To help you build confidence and skills at a comfortable pace, our program is designed for gradual progress throughout the week. Starting with easier, shorter ascents and simpler terrain, each day will introduce slightly more challenging routes, allowing you to develop your abilities progressively. "Comfortably uncomfortable" to challenge you just enough to make significant progress while preserving enjoyment.

After-Ski - Sailing in the fjords of the Lyngen Alps

After a day on the slopes, we will be sailing to our next destination through the breathtaking fjords of the Lyngen Alps. Sailing time between the different anchorages will range from 1h to 3h depending on the selected ski area and weather conditions.

This is yet another gliding experience, this time on our exploration sailboats which offer both high performance under sails and great comfort. Evenings onboard become a special time for camaraderie and sharing experiences, planning the anchorages and ski lines along your voyage.

Small Groups Limited to 6

Our groups are limited to a maximum of 6 participants and we ensure that participants are at a consistent skill level. This small group size allows for tailored instruction and a closer connection with your guide , whilst maximizing safety as well as high-comfort standards once onboard.

  • Purpose built program for First Timer ski tourers, from the selection of the ski terrain and the progressive step up in ascent and technical difficulty, to facilitating the selection of the gear, all under the conscientious monitoring of our professional IFMGA mountain guides.
  • Small group, limited to 6 guests on our exploration sailboats, for unhindered space and comfort. Our boats are thoughtfully adapted to host and embark-disembark skiers and their gear, making the entire operation smooth and safe.
  • As we are well into the territory of adventure, we have well established safety protocols aboard and onshore, as well as defined high standards of safety gear.











You will be welcomed back onboard in a cozy and comfortable environment, securely at anchor in a protected bay. Your gear and ski clothing will be taken care of by the crew, making sure they are dry and ready for the next morning.

Getting a rest in your spacious cabins with individual restroom, shower and heating system, or enjoying the views surrounding the anchorage, you will find the environment to relish the day’s experience and properly relax ahead of dinner.

Ours is a culinary experience as well. Our first mate and chef will propose gourmet cuisine and typical local dishes assorted with a selection of quality wines, bearing in mind the nutritional requirements of outdoor activity. To store energy and recover properly we will carefully prepare meal packs with proper nutritional ingredients and hydration to carry with you as you head for your climb, and you will be treated with après-ski recovery snacks that will make you return eagerly onboard.

Evenings onboard become a special time for camaraderie and sharing experiences, planning the anchorages and ski lines along your voyage.


  • Arrival in Tromso – We can recommend accommodation nearby the harbour. Ideally, consider arrival on the day prior to embarking, both to rest, enjoy Tromso and to allow sufficient time to rent gear the next day.
  • Embarking on Varuna, welcome by the crew, checking and storage of gear, accommodation in cabin
  • Selection and retrieving of rental gear
  • Review of the boat, safety briefings by skipper and guide
  • Setting sail towards the initial anchorage / ski spot, first dinner onboard

DAY 2 - 7

These are our designated ski days. We have the knowledge and flexibility to select / change spots according to prevailing weather and snow conditions

Days 2-3 are focused on getting acquainted with your gear and practicing basic techniques on local beginner-friendly slopes. Our guide will cover essential skills such as uphill travel, transitioning, and basic avalanche awareness.

Days 4-7   Each day introducing slightly more vertical ascent and technical difficulty. Our guide will offer tips and support every step of the way, ensuring you build confidence and skill progressively.

The daily routines are indicatively organized as follows:

  • Breakfast and assessment of prevailing conditions, final choice of spot
  • 3-5h ski touring
  • Welcome back onboard, nourishing après ski snacks, rest time prior to dinner
  • Sailing on to and anchoring at the next day’s spot


  • Arrival to port the prior evening or in the morning
  • Goodbyes and disembark in the morning

  • Stay onboard the ship for the specified voyage duration
  • Professional skipper, chef and IFMGA mountain guide
  • Standard offshore lifejacket and lifeline
  • Shore landings and tours with the dinghy
  • Bedding and towels
  • Onboard food (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner), hot beverages and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Fuel and all port dues
  • Air fares to and from departure point.
  • Insurance (personal medical, travel, cancellation, etc)
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Food and beverages on the day of arrival until boarding
  • Ski, trekking or other outdoor activity gear.
  • Voice and data communication using onboard equipment.
  • Entry fees into parks, museums, etc