You can opt to privatize a voyage

You can opt to privatize a voyage and chose with your parties to travel alone with our crew. Depending on the period of the year / region we can significantly adapt routes and onshore activities. This provides the flexibility to discover certain regions in greater depth or carrying out a different array of activities: Kayaking, animal watching, photo workshops, ice snorkeling, snowshoeing…


Kayaking in the Arctic is probably one of the most intimating and inspiring ways you can explore the rugged coastlines and calm bays of the regions we visit. Explore the crystal waters the Arctic has to offer, discover great glacial shadows of large icebergs and vast labyrinthine fjords starting from our moving base camp.

Expert instructors will guide you throughout the ice-strewn wilderness, keeping you safe and readily available to inform you about the local wildlife.


We can explore specific locations / obtain special permits (depending on availability, time of the year) to visit certain areas if your intent is get immersed in the Arctic wildlife, accompanied by a specialist guide. The wildlife richness in the Artic is unique: Whales, Walruses, Seals and Arctic Foxes; Narwhales, polar bears and Musk Ox in their natural habitat. A great variety in bird species in the late spring – summer to breed in Svalbard for instance (little auk, guillemot, puffin, Arctic tern, skua, northern fulmar, black legged kittiwakes, glaucus and ivory gulls, barnacle and brent geese).


Svalbard and Greenland each offer a very distinct realm of Arctic landscape and wildlife.

Whether you are a skilled photographer or a beginner, we help you to take your photography skills to the next level and to create the best images. Our guides will lead you to selected locations depending on your photography focus topics, and give you expert instruction, so you can get the most out of your camera.


The environment provided by our boat, the context of the Arctic and the choice of activities represent a unique setup for teambuilding or to arrange a memorable event. With the level of comfort, space and safety available onboard, the culinary experience, the infinitely adaptable range of routes / activities / use of time onboard and onshore we can cater to the type of experience and objectives you are aiming at….and possibly contribute with creative suggestions of our own.